"All These Evolutions" CD (2013)

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"All These Evolutions" immediately hits you like a freight train right from the start and doesn't let up. A powerful exploration of many different styles and influences that inspire Mrs. Skannotto's members, this album is both technically complex and filled with catchy hooks you wont be able to forget. Filled with fun, craziness, passion, and emotion, this is truly a ska album unlike anything you have ever heard. Throw away any preconceived ideas you may have about a "ska" record, the sound is bold and mature with a depth not often heard in the ska world. Whether carving out an hour to listen to the album front to back or picking out your favorite tunes, there's something on this album for everyone to discover, again and again.

Track Listing:
1. Just As Well
2. Wage War
3. Lost & Found
4. Free Speech Zone
5. The Blame
6. Every Day
7. Alone
8. Not Alone
9. Poll Dancer
10. New Belief
11. The Hired Gun
12. Fair-Weather Foe
13. Run Along
14. The Limit